J. Bliss

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Thu, Jun 24, 2021
Fri, Jun 25, 2021
Sat, Jun 26, 2021
Sun, Jun 27, 2021

J. Bliss

with Shane McConnaghy

An At a young age J. Bliss always had a knack for capturing an audience’s attention with some quick witted humor. J Bliss comedic style is thought provoking dealing with everyday observations and personal experiences which he chooses to find the humor in. His comedic craft started by his upbringing in South Jersey where he first got the hunger for comedy, but he first hit the comedy stage in Charlotte, NC.Since then he has been traveling up and down the east coast leaving them laughing and easily becoming a crowd favorite. Since his start he has opened for comedians like: Pauly Shore, Tony Roberts, George Willborn, DeRay Davis, Corey Holcomb, Alex Thomas, Rodney Perry, and Eddie Griffin.

Shane McConnaghy

Born in Dallas, TX & raised in Clarksville, TN, Shane has an affinity for the states that begin with ‘T’. Stationed in Europe, while serving in the USAF, Shane learned how to be funny without being verbal. He is a comic who truly enjoys comedy. He now travels throughout the Eastern & Midwestern US spreading his infectious silliness to the masses. Shane’s show is a compilation of cleverly written material with an animated delivery.