Will Jacobs - Live

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Wed, Mar 4, 2020
Thu, Mar 5, 2020
Fri, Mar 6, 2020
Sat, Mar 7, 2020
Sun, Mar 8, 2020

Will Jacobs - Live

with Steve Miller

Will Jacobs moved from Chester, PA. to Charlotte, NC. and

has been entertaining crowds with his brand of clever and

insightful comedy ever since. An attorney by trade, Will brings his engaging brand of comedy from the courtroom to the comedy club. Audiences will undoubtedly find him funny as charged. Will's comedic perspective on everything from his career to marriage have made him one of the hottest acts on the comedy circuit today. His comedy has been featured on the FOX TV show Laughs. As a touring comedian, Will performs across the country for clubs, companies, churches and charities. He's worked with comedy greats like D.L. Hugley and Bob Saget. He is also the host of the Comedy Zone Podcast where he does in-depth interviews with celebrities about their careers and lives away from the spotlight.

Steve Miller

Tempered in fudge and fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Steve Miller has been using his sense of humor to help him get free drinks in dive bars for years. After running out of hole in the wall bars to haunt he finally decided to take his act to the stage. Relying less on jokes and focusing more on a storytelling style Steve deals with topics ranging from his own health (poor) to the political climate (even worse). Steve’s background in improv and theater help him bring a level of comfort to the stage that belies his relatively short time in the world of stand up comedy.